Early 19th Century Silver Teapot
Portuguese. Hallmark from Porto (Moitinho P23) assayer Alexandre Pinto da Cruz mentioned between 1788 and 1818 in use between 1810 and 1818. MAker's markings (Moitinho P512) attributable to Pedro José Ferreira mentioned between 1822 and 1843,however known from 1810 until 1843.
Oblong section.
Signs of use.
Brazilian rosewood handle.
Approx. total weight: 854 g.
Dim.: 18 x 13 x 31,5 cm.

See: ALMEIDA, Fernando Moitinho de - "Inventário de Marcas de Pratas Portuguesas e Brasileiras (Século XV a 1887)", IN-CM.

Early 19th Century Silver Teapot

Lot - 5

Base Value: 651.48
Value includes auction comission

Ref: 2019.14462