The marketplace for second hand luxury

A P55 – Pre-Owned Luxury Goods is a second-hand luxury goods trading platform. We have something for you.

It enables you to place your goods into our Marketplace, reaching your target market segments,aiming at achieving a greater visibility and a faster time-to market sales rate! You just have to access and advertise.

We can save you time, money and effort. Thow, every work of Translation, evaluation, image editing, sales promotion, in the internet and in social networks, sales, billing, and transport between supplier and buyer are all taken care of.

Be aware that our main sales destinations are China, Dubai and the United States of America.

In the last three years our sales volume surpassed the barrier of 5 million Euros. We want to share our success with each new client!


Our Mission

To foster the luxury goods trade providing a customized and transparent service that assures supplier and buyer maximum satisfaction.

Please note that P55 is a “TALENTADVISOR - ART AND AUCTIONS LDA” trade mark.